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Ageing Well Clinic

Ageing Well Clinics were established in January 2022, and are now run from two sites - Portland Community Hospital on Portland and Lynch Lane offices on Lynch Lane, Weymouth.

Patients with a diverse range of health concerns, encompassing frailty, limited mobility, susceptibility to falls, and a history of recurrent hospital admissions, will receive invitations to attend this clinic, where a comprehensive assessment of their needs will be conducted. This invitation extends to patients dealing with chronic respiratory conditions and diabetes as well.

The objectives of the clinic encompass enhancing overall well-being, preserving independence, mitigating the risk of falls, optimising medication management, and reducing the likelihood of hospitalisation.

Individuals invited to the clinic will undergo a structured process, moving through various stations to consult with a range of healthcare and caregiving professionals, including:

  • Therapist (Occupational therapist and/or physiotherapist)

  • Specialist Frailty Nurse / Nurse Practitioner

  • Social Prescriber

  • Care Co-ordinator

Before attending the clinic, individuals who receive invitations are kindly requested to complete a questionnaire and bring it with them. The expected duration of the clinic visit is approximately 2 hours.

It is important to note that this clinic operates with the full support of the GP surgeries in Weymouth and Portland.

Self help links and tools to help you manage

Information and resources for health and care professionals:

Frailty ‘’A long term condition characterised by a cumulative decline in multiple body systems and vulnerability to decompensation after a minor stressor event.’’    



Here's what to expect at an Ageing Well exercise class.

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