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Medication Review

A Structured Medication Review is a private discussion between you and a clinical pharmacist. The goal is to ensure that your prescribed medications are the most suitable for you, optimising their effectiveness. Depending on your medications, tests or monitoring, such as blood pressure checks or blood tests, may be arranged. You'll discuss how you're managing with your medicines and can address any concerns. If adjustments to your medication are needed, changes will be proposed and approved by your GP with your agreement, and a record of the review will be documented in your medical notes.

Preparing for your Structured Medication Review

What is a Structured Medication Review?

  • It is a confidential discussion between you and a clinical pharmacist.

  • The aim is to check that you are prescribed the most appropriate medicines and that you get the best out of those medicines.

  • Some tests or monitoring may need to be arranged if you are taking certain medication or to determine whether your medicine is working (e.g. blood pressure checks or blood tests)

  • You will be asked how you are getting on with your medicines, so please feel free to discuss any problems you may be experiencing with your medicines.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your medicines.

  • If any changes need to be made to your medication, your agreement will be sought before changes are made and approved by your GP where necessary.

  • A record of the review will be documented in your medical notes.

Make a list of all medication that you take.

This includes:

  • Any medicines that are prescribed for you.

  • Any medicines that you buy over the counter from the chemist or supermarket or other stores e.g. herbal medicines, vitamins etc.

  • Any medicines that you no longer take.


Make a list of questions that you may want to ask about your medicines.

Some questions that you may wish to consider:

  • Why is it important to take this medicine(s)?

  • When and how to take the medicine(s)?

  • How long is the medicine(s) to be taken for?

  • How do I know the medicine is working?

  • What should I do if I have problems with the medicine?

  • Are there any medicines or food that I should avoid taking whilst on these medicine(s)?

  • What will happen if I miss a dose of the medicine or stop taking it?

After the medication review:

  • Your regular GP will be informed of any medication changes agreed by you at the meeting.

  • Any tests or referrals to other health care professionals if required will be agreed and acted upon.

It may not be possible to discuss all of the issues surrounding your medications

within one appointment and a follow-up appointment may be required.

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